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環保安全洗劑   Eco Friendly & Safe Cleaner

  • 日本特許電解技術製成高鹼性洗劑,清潔同時消毒
  • 主要成份為淨化電解水,安全無毒
  • 不起泡,免過水
  • 無人造香味,不嗆鼻
  • 環保,無化學殘留
  • 不含氯己定、阿蒙尼亞、漂白劑、人造香料或色素
  • High alkaline solution produced by Japanese patented technology, clean and disinfect at the same time.
  • Electrolyzed water as main ingredient which is safe and non-toxic
  • No foaming, rinse free
  • No artifical fragrance, no artificial coloring
  • Environmentally friendly, no chemical residue
  • Does not contain chlorhexidine, ammonia, bleach



  • 眼鏡、電話、電腦鍵盤、食具、日常用品等
  • 不適用於皮革、鋁製品、銅製品及電鍍表面
  • Eye glasses, mobile phones, keyboards, dining utensils  etc.
  • Avoid leather, aluminum, brass, plating surface


【使用方法 Directions for Use】

  • 直接噴在物品上或噴在潔淨布或紙巾上進行擦拭。
  • 不適合去除頑固污漬、機械油漬。
  • Spray directly onto surface, then wipe.
  • Alternatively, spray onto a soft cloth or tissue.
  • Does not remove stubborn oil stains, machine oil, etc.

上善水多功能環保洗劑20ml三支裝 oomi All-purpose Eco Cleaner 20ml x 3

HK$60.00 一般價格
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